Moulin Rouge: The Seventh Anniversary of Bord’elle

Celebrate with us the seventh anniversary of Bord’elle in a dazzling evening under the sign of the Moulin Rouge, an event that promises glamour, passion, and extravagance. We invite you to a total immersion in the enchanting and festive atmosphere of the world’s most famous cabaret, specially recreated for an unforgettable night in the heart of Montreal.

Upon your arrival, you will be transported by decorations directly inspired by the Moulin Rouge, providing a spectacular setting for this unique celebration. The evening will be punctuated with artistic performances and a musical ambiance that will evoke the spirit of festivity and joy characteristic of the Parisian cabaret, promising an immersive experience that will captivate all your senses.

The highlight of the evening is the special anniversary menu, an exclusive creation of our chef, which pays homage to French gastronomy while adding a touch of originality unique to Bord’elle. This culinary adventure is designed to amaze the most refined palates, with dishes that celebrate the union of tradition and innovation.

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This anniversary is not just an occasion to celebrate seven years of existence marked by innovation and passion, but also an expression of our gratitude towards you, our loyal clientele. It is an invitation to continue sharing moments of joy, discovery, and conviviality together.

Reserve your table now to be part of this exceptional celebration at Bord’elle, located at 390 Saint-Jacques Street, Montreal, Qc. Together, let’s make this seventh anniversary a historic moment in the tradition of Moulin Rouge glamour and splendor, and raise a toast to many more years of culinary creativity and unforgettable evenings.