One Magic Moment : Celebrating Community Spirit with Twinkl

In the vibrant city of Montreal, where culinary arts meet the heart of community, the JEGantic restaurant group is proud to host the annual One Magic Moment event at our latest venue, Yoko Luna. This year, our collaboration with Twinkl, Canada marks a season of unprecedented joy and educational enrichment for children from underserved communities.

At JEGantic, we believe that our restaurants—Bord’Elle, Hang, and The Farsides and Yoko Luna —are more than just places to dine; they are platforms for making a difference. One Magic Moment epitomizes our vision by transforming Yoko Luna into an arena where imagination takes flight, and the festive spirit thrives.

Our partnership with Twinkl introduces an innovative layer to the event, combining the delight of the season with the treasure of learning. Twinkl‘s contribution of Christmas activity packs brims with creative puzzles, crafts, and activities, designed to spark curiosity and joy among over 120 young stars of the day.

As the children embark on a whimsical journey, arriving by party bus and walking into a gala of dreams, we at JEGantic are reminded of the magic that community and collaboration can conjure. The activity station set up by Twinkl becomes a hub of creativity and learning, reflecting our shared belief in the power of education through engagement.

Personalized menu mats from Twinkl add an interactive twist to the dining experience at Yoko Luna, allowing the children to infuse their creativity into every aspect of the event. This thoughtful touch is a representation of the care that Twinkl and JEGantic put into nurturing the minds and hearts of our future generations.

Our collaboration is a testament to our dedication to community service. By integrating Twinkl’s educational mission with our culinary expertise, we create an environment where joy, learning, and the spirit of Christmas come together in harmony.

One Magic Moment is more than an event; it is a reflection of our commitment to giving back, inspiring young minds, and celebrating the unity that defines the festive season. As we look forward to making this Christmas one to remember for the children of Montreal, we are filled with gratitude for partners like Twinkl, who help us turn this vision into a reality.

This holiday season, we invite you to embrace the spirit of giving and join us at Yoko Luna for an unforgettable celebration. Together with Twinkl, we’re not just creating a moment; we’re crafting a memory that will inspire these children for years to come.

Let’s make this Christmas a beacon of hope, joy, and education. Because with the right partnership and community spirit, everything is possible.

Discover the difference a meal can make and explore the impact of One Magic Moment. Join us in this festive journey of giving and learning with Twinkl, other collaborators and the JEGantic restaurant group.